COGS / Margin / Formulation //

Work with Client to verify/determine current cost of goods sold, margins, and formulation of product(s). Identify drivers of cost for each product and suggest strategies to improve overall margins.  

Taking a Product to Market //

Strategic planning session aimed to answer an early-stage entrepreneur’s questions about how a product goes from being made at home in the kitchen, to commercial formulation and production, to distribution and success.

Why am I stuck? //

Most businesses will have moments where they plateau or even start declining and they’re not sure what to do to fix the situation. We will work with you and your team to identify the sticking points, opportunities, and resulting changes that can be made to get your business back on the right track.

General Checkup //

An overview of your business to identify areas of strength to build upon and areas of weakness to improve upon.

Staffing and Road Mapping //

An objective review of current staff and staff focus, identifying hiring needs, and defining roles and responsibilities of these individuals.

Opportunity Screening //

You have many opportunities in front of your small business from launching new products, to partnering with other businesses, to conducting market research to validate a new idea, to making that key hire that sets you over the top. We can objectively evaluate and screen these opportunities so your business makes enlightened choices.

Classes //

Red Idea offers classes quarterly aimed at providing insights in aspects of business including valuation, fundraising, leadership, financials, marketing, operations, and M&A/exits. Ask us for a schedule of upcoming classes or sign up for our email newsletter.