Financial Boot Camp //

Red Idea will help to develop 3-5 year pro forma financials for your business. We can use existing materials you already have or start from scratch. This process will touch every aspect of your business including COGS, margins, expenses, HR planning, production, capital expenditures and capital requirements. At the end of the process, you will have 3-5 year annual, quarterly, and monthly financials. This process also reviews your current business assumptions and accounting practices. This will strengthen your plan and confidence going forward.

Capital Formation, Valuation and Capital Raise //

At some point, most entrepreneurs ask “what is my business worth and what sources of capital are available to me?” We have worked with many entrepreneurs over the years to help them place values on their businesses in advance of selling or capitalizing their companies. We can also assist in structuring these transactions by helping you determine valuation, amount of capital needed, and uses of capital.

Business Plan and Investor Pitch Deck //

Every serious business should have a strategic plan starting with clear, memorable vision/mission statements. We assist with every stage of your strategic planning to create a traditional business plan and a hard-hitting presentation deck that compels investors to look at the opportunity you are offering. These documents can be geared toward shareholders, potential investors, and Boards of Directors and Advisors.

Legal Documentation / Funding Discussion //  

You know that your business needs additional capital, but aren’t sure about the capital raising process. We can work with you and your legal counsel to outline the terms of capitalizing your business. We work with your attorney to develop and refine all documents requisite to debt or equity capital raising including: Term Sheets, Private Placement Memorandum, and Subscription Agreements. Red Idea can work with your counsel to outline the documents mentioned above, or review documents as needed.

*Red Idea Partners is not a law firm, no employee of Red Idea holds themselves out to be a practicing attorney. Should you need legal services we are happy to refer you accordingly. 

Organizational Development //

Red Idea can assist on a variety of organizational development matters including:  internal and  external communication  organizational structuring, job descriptions, performance plans, formal& informal reviews, team building, corporate culture, executive coaching, succession planning, compensation, codes of ethics, employee handbooks, and more.

Board of Advisor / Director Planning //

Is it time to bring in some expert advice to help you think through your business’ next phases of growth? Red Idea has worked with many clients to help identify which structure makes the most sense for their business (Board of Directors vs. Advisory Board), identify key differences between each structure, and to identify industry experts who can add targeted advice on a quarterly basis.