Board of Advisor / Director Planning //

Is it time to bring in some expert advice to help you think through your business’ next phases of growth? Red Idea has worked with many clients to help identify which structure makes the most sense for their business (Board of Directors vs. Advisory Board), identify key differences between each structure, and to identify industry experts who can add targeted advice on a quarterly basis.

M & A / Exit Planning //

Many entrepreneurs have a strong desire to exit their businesses one day. We can work with you to identify your ideal business exit scenario and how you can maximize your planning in the short and medium term to help make that exit more possible.

 We will discuss industry standard multiples for exits, at what size range larger entities begin to look for acquisitions, how a sale-of-company process works, as well as other exit opportunities including merging with a synergistic brand or a stock or asset sale of your business.

*Red Idea Partners is not a registered financial advisor, is not an investment bank and does not accept success fees based on fundraising. 

The Works  //

Red Idea will work with you across all areas of your business where you may need additional help or brainpower. We have worked with past clients across all areas of their businesses including: product formulation, cost of goods sold analysis, margin analysis, pro forma financial projections, marketing and branding assistance, fundraising, new product launches, advisory board development, operational efficiency, organizational charting and planning, and much more…We can custom tailor an ongoing project to meet all of your areas of highest need and value.

 Monthly Strategy Session //

Red Idea will work with you and your key executives on a monthly or bi-monthly basis to lead targeted strategic sessions addressing the most pressing 1-2 priorities of your business. This structure allows you the flexibility to meet with our team on a regular schedule to address highly targeted strategic priorities on an as-needed basis.

The Co-Pilot //

Red Idea will work as an active partner in your business on an as-needed basis. Typically, this will involve strategic work completely on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and we will act as a natural extension of your management team. We can work with your business for a targeted period of time while you search for a full-time hire or pursue exciting growth opportunities, or we can plug in on an ongoing basis to help you and your team be more productive and efficient.