Red Idea Launch Works Company Sees Continued Growth & Launches New Model

TalkBox Growth and the Red Idea Launch Works Model

TalkBox started as a seed of an idea a few years ago, and has since grown into a highly functional and sought-after privacy phone booth product being used nationwide. It is “the original standard in private phone calls,” and leverages top-rated acoustic panels, a spacious interior, and customizable details to deliver ultimate comfort and performance. From open offices to universities, to hospitals and beyond, TalkBox is bringing privacy back to the people.

It’s been a fun, gritty, and inspiring journey that truly showcases the unique innovation model Red Idea offers to its Launch Works ventures.

Other innovation firms wave goodbye as an idea grows and flies from the nest, but Red Idea guides and nurtures its ventures in whatever ways make sense to ensure their continued growth.

John Ruder, President of TalkBox, has been impressed with the Red Idea approach and claims “it has been a huge help having the continued hands-on support from the Red Idea team.” Ruder loves the opportunity to utilize the Red Idea team members on a “fractional basis” without the pressure or need to hire external help. This not only keeps costs low, but ensures that he’s surrounded by a team of people who truly know the product and care about its success.

TalkBox and Red Idea work closely together daily to execute on an innovative marketing strategy and expand the company's operational capacity.


TalkBox Launches New Product

TalkBox recently launched its Double booth, which allows two to three users to have a quiet, private and comfortable meeting space. Innovative features include fold-away desks, an extra large sliding glass door, and slatted ceiling for natural light and airflow. To learn more about TalkBox and its privacy booth products visit


The Future of Red Idea Launch Works

TalkBox's growth continues to demonstrate how a deep understanding of your customer, a disciplined approach to growth, and experienced leadership turns a promising idea into a great company. Red Idea will continue to support TalkBox and its other existing ventures while developing its next game-changing idea.

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